Valentine’s Day. In hot water (again). Early morning. Taxes.

Valentine’s Day

Dancers active on the floor

We attended a Valentine’s Day Dance and Party at the Clubhouse tonight. It was put on by the Women’s Club and was attended by 35-40 people. Marv Fitchett was our DJ (not KJ this time) and played a great selection of music. Many folks danced, and during one period a group did some line dancing, for which they had practiced on Sunday. Not every song brought people to the dance floor, but those from the 40s and 50s and 60s brought the most. Not surprising, given the age of the crowd.

anniversary cake
There was a cake to celebrate two anniversaries; Denny and Marvelyn, and Elaine and I.

Two couples were celebrating anniversaries in addition to Valentine’s Day. Elaine and I are celebrating our 33rd and Denny and Marvelyn Splangler are celebrating their 37th. Another couple, Nellie and Jim, also have an anniversary today but were not at the party. We also had ice cream and there were many other treats as well. Continue reading Valentine’s Day. In hot water (again). Early morning. Taxes.

Taxing work. Desk cleaning. Elaine at crafts. Gizmo eye drops.

Taxing work

My taxing work was getting things ready for our meeting on Monday with our new CPA. I had been putting tax year items aside in one pile as they came in, and today I opened the envelopes and gathered the paperwork. Earlier I had downloaded year-end reports from Chase for our credit card and banking accounts and I will go through those tomorrow. In the past I went through these reports and marked them up for deductible items. I still have at least one report yet to obtain. In past years I just had to scan these documents and upload them to our previous CPA’s server and he would take them from there. I suspect we’ll be able to do the same with the new guy, but won’t know until Monday. Continue reading Taxing work. Desk cleaning. Elaine at crafts. Gizmo eye drops.

Remote capture. Clearing my desk.

table basket
My new tableside basket helps to corral all the items I keep on the table beside my recliner

After months of cursing when I brush items off the table beside my recliner, and having to get up to retrieve them, I finally made what I hope will be a solution. I bought a 3″x12″ wire basket, painted it black, and attached it to the far side of my tabletop. In addition to my tablet and my drink glasses, I also have the Dish remote, the TV remote, the Roku remote, the remote for volume adjustment of our wireless speakers, the mouse for my tablet, and several eye medicines for Gizmo. The tabletop was very busy, and though I tried to keep things organized some were always dropping off the far side. The basket not only extends the area of my table space but will also capture anything that gets brushed to the back. Continue reading Remote capture. Clearing my desk.

Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

citrus blossoms
Citrus blossoms and buds contribute a heady perfume to the air

It is that time of year when you immediately notice a distinct perfume in the air when you walk outside. That comes from the citrus fruit trees as they put out a new set of blossoms for the spring. We have orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees in Royal Palm so there are a mix of scents depending on where you are. The photo at right shows, if I remember correctly, lemon blossoms on a tree behind our neighbor’s house. Right next to it is a grapefruit tree. Continue reading Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

tee shirt
Elaine’s I Am Not A Hoarder tee shirt

Today was craft day for Elaine. She did a lot of preparation work prior to going to the craft session at the Clubhouse and I helped her with some of that. She wanted copies of several stamping designs made so that she could print them out in the future, and I did that using our scanner/printer. And she wore the shirt in the photo at left; she had bought it online as soon as she saw it advertised. Continue reading Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

Toscana with Black Pepper, Cheddar, Gruyere, Cheddar and Gruyere, Havarti, Dill Havarti, JalapeƱo Havarti, Irish Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss, Pepperjack, Habanero Pepperjack, Jarlsberg, Gouda, Smoked Gouda – these are just some of the cheeses I have been eating lately. I like cheese, but Elaine doesn’t care for cheese as much. I usually have two slices in my sandwich at lunch and I often have a chunk with supper. As I reported a few days back Gizmo likes cheese as well, as does Kerby. So I share some small bites of my supper cheese with them. Continue reading Cheeses. Taxes. SitePower.

Newsletter published. On to taxes.

newsletter cover
Cover of the March 2017 Royal Palm Social Club newsletter

Whew! The newsletter has been printed and is ready to distribute tomorrow. This issue has been more of a hassle than recent ones for a couple of reasons. Until this month I have simply copied the previous month’s Microsoft Publisher file and made changes for dates, etc. The layout remained the same, so I only had to change the content of the features. But in March we added an extra full page color ad which meant I had to add two pages, and since the printing works with four-page folios those two pages had to be an insert. I moved the ad that was on the inside back page to one page of the insert and then had to rearrange several pages so that the page numbers for the insert page fell where they needed to and so that the internal flow of various features made sense. Continue reading Newsletter published. On to taxes.