Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving dinner set out on the patio.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed a great turkey feast with Shauna and Casey and Pete Petersen. Later on Bill and Nancy Schuling stopped by and later on Bill Russell came by.  Those three did not come for dinner, though. The turkey went in the oven around 9:30; Shauna had prepared it to soak in brine overnight and it went in a roasting bag this morning and into a roasting pan. The turkey came out deliciously tender and moist. Shauna and Casey came over about 10:00 and she continued with dinner preparations. Continue reading Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

A great family Thanksgiving

at dinner
Elaine, Rachel, Destry, Thomas, Julia, Angelica

Destry’s two kids – Julia and Angelica – joined us today for a great Thanksgiving dinner and gathering. Angelica’s Ray had to work and could not make it. Julia’s Thomas and their three kids Shelbi, Amelia, and Abigail were here as well. Julia and Angelica brought dishes they had made to add to what Destry and Rachel had prepared and we had much left over. Continue reading A great family Thanksgiving