Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

tablet stand
Elaine using her new tablet stand. It holds her tablet (or phone) so she does not have to hold it in her hands.

Elaine uses her tablet or her smartphone much of the time while sitting in her recliner. In the past she just held the device in her hands, but she complained that after some time her hands would hurt. Granddaughter Taylor told her about an expandable button that can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet around which you place a couple of fingers and this avoids having to grip the tablet or phone. I got her one of those and it worked fine, but her fingers still got tired. Then she spotted a different device intended for the same purpose and I ordered that. She has used it now for a couple of days and seems to like it. Continue reading Tablet stand. Breakfast at IHOP. Elaine to card class. Dinner at Papa Joe’s.

I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

Copic bin
This is the bin for Elaine’s Copic pens to store upright

I finally got around to finishing the project on Elaine’s Copic storage bin. She had bought this to store all her Copic pens but found that they slipped right through if she lifted the grillage that holds the pens upright. My solution was to add a sheet of plastic to the bottom of the grillage so the pens would not drop through and a week or so ago I made my first attempt at doing this. Unfortunately my first attempt did not work because I did not cut the plastic square, despite using a combination square to lay out the cut lines. The second time I did it correctly and now she has the bin fixed. Continue reading I finished the addition to Elaine’s Copic bin. Social Club meeting. Breakfast at Moon Valley Cafe. Class at The Paper Collage.

The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Elaine went to The Paper Collage in Sun City West for a card class today, only to find out those classes have been canceled for the time being. Apparently she did not get the email that Pamela sent out. But that was OK; Pam invited her to come on in and work on some cards anyway! She’s good that way. This is the shop Elaine and Jan Ostlund go to often because they like the shop and the quality of their material and instruction. Continue reading The Paper Collage. RV consignment.

Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

motorhome stuff
I added the five plastic tubs and the sewer hoses today to the other stuff brought over earlier

I brought a couple more loads from the motorhome today. I packed five plastic tubs and brought them to the house. I removed the plaques from the front of the Phaeton, and I removed the sewer hoses from the storage tubes under the coach and brought all that as well. I think we can finish clearing the Phaeton with one or two more loads now. We need to get it ready for trading or selling; if all goes well we will deliver it next week. We will need to go through and do some interior cleanup and will run it through a truck wash for the exterior. Continue reading Motorhome clearing. Card class. Breakfast at JB’s.

Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

We are proud to fly the US flag, especially on this Flag Day.

Today is Flag Day, and the Violettes made sure their flags were out. I am so pleased to finally have a US flag displayed at our house full time now; I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. And a couple of weeks ago Elaine fastened two smaller flags on our golf cart. You can see all three in the photo at left. Continue reading Flag Day. Card class. Motorhome batteries. Dolls.

Stuff for sale. New cards.

The BLS 36A when installed in your 36-volt battery system is designed to reduce sulfating of the plates, increasing the battery life.

I posted a couple of items for sale on Craigslist today. One is a golf cart battery desulfator for 36-volt systems (the link is for my craigslist listing). New. Never used. It is intended to keep the batteries from building up sulfates, which can reduce their capacity. I bought this when we had our first golf cart, which had a 36-volt system, but we bought our current one, which has a 48-volt system, before I could install it. I haven’t gotten around to buying a 48-volt version. Continue reading Stuff for sale. New cards.

Plants done. Crash Plan. Card class. Fire Storm outdated.

Andy Goodhart got the remainder of our plants set in the ground this morning and did some smoothing and leveling of the excavated dirt. Since we had to add water to soften the ground for digging, much of the excavated material was wet and lumpy so he spread it out to dry and will do final smoothing another day. At this point, our next step is to lay the landscaping fabric and put the stone layer on top of it. That will happen next week. Once the fabric is down, I will expand the irrigation system for the new plants before the stone is added. I added the white chain to the post put in yesterday, so that part of the project is done.

The recent cyber attack over the weekend made me check to be sure my Code42 Crash Plan software was up to date and working, so I was dismayed to find it wasn’t! Apparently it became disabled when the Geek Squad did the work on my computer last week. This is the program that does data backups for my laptop; one backup regime goes to an online backup store with Code42, another does a backup to my local external hard drive. Should my computer data become held for ransom it would probably affect both the internal and external hard drives but would not affect the online backup since it is kept on a remote server and does not show up as a drive letter on my computer. Once I made this discovery I immediately went to and looked for a fix, and ended up doing a regular uninstall and a reinstall. Everything was working at that point.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage in Sun City West today for a card class, and came home with some good projects. She also went to the Scraps of Love store in Peoria to do some shopping, and found the paper she was looking for along with some other items.

I started to cut some aluminum angle for part of our planter project only to find out the only metal cutting blade I had for my Black & Decker Fire Storm reciprocal saw was too dull. I went to Ace Hardware this morning to get a replacement, only to be told they do not stock them. Back home I did some web searching only to find out that none of the other stores (Lowe’s, The Home Depot) carried them either. But I was able to find those blades on Amazon, only they were listed as Black & Decker Navigator, not Fire Storm. Further searching at the Black & Decker site showed the only Fire Storm results were the 14.4 volt batteries that system uses. The Navigator blades are for a corded saw, not cordless. However, as long as they fit my old Fire Storm I don’t care, so I ordered a package. If they work I will order some more. I hate to have to replace my old Fire Storm 14.4 volt cordless tool set; I bought it back around 2003 when it was the latest thing. I have that reciprocal saw, a jig saw, a sander, and a drill from that system.

Thanks, Tom and Marlys. Rod genealogy. Card making. Computer back.

light post
The light post Tom and Marlys James made for us. Elaine added the greenery.

I have been so busy reporting about planter and front yard activities that I forgot to show you a front yard attraction made for us recently by Tom and Marlys James. They are friends from our RVing days, and Tom is on the board of the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club. Over the years they have made front yard light posts for their RV friends, and several years ago they gave us one. I put it out at every campground we stopped at, but one time someone stole it from our yard. So Tom and Marlys made another for us and gave it to us when we met with them at the recent FCOC rally in Mesa. We hope it won’t be stolen from our current front yard! We will add a name sign to this, probably at the bottom. Continue reading Thanks, Tom and Marlys. Rod genealogy. Card making. Computer back.

Triple digits. Drippers. Schlotzsky’s.

Today’s high was 100, and we have more coming.

Phoenix hit triple digits today – 100°. And we are forecast to go higher the next two days. But, shockers, between Sunday and Wednesday the temps will drop about 28°! Normal for this time of year is around 90°.

I worked outside much of the morning, and though I felt the higher temps it was by no means uncomfortable to be out.

in box
Drip line assembly in place in a planter box

My task this morning was to assemble the dripper lines to go in the planter boxes. I have the two 36″ boxes on hand and the 32″ boxes I ordered from Walmart are at the store, to be picked up tomorrow. I assembled and connected the drip line for the first of the 36″ boxes, as you can see in the photo at right.

Seven drip assemblies ready for boxes

I also assembled the drip lines for the remaining seven, as you can see in the other photo. They are simple – a short run from the distribution pipe to a 90° bend, then a series of three inline emitters followed by a plug. Once I have the remaining boxes in position I will insert the drip line for each into the distribution line.

Elaine headed over to The Paper Collage again today for another card class and came back with several new ones. She will probably assemble some card kits for use at the craft sessions here at Royal Palm later this fall as well as for her own use. She likes getting the design ideas from these classes, even though she will almost always do her own thing and modify the designs. And it always seems that the teacher uses new sets of colors for each project group, so that means extending her Copic pen collection.

We decided to go to Schlotzsky’s to get supper. We hear a lot of good things about Schlotzsky’s from Pete Petersen and Bill Russell, who go there often, and Pete has recommended them in his Pete’s Picks in our monthly newsletter. His favorite is the Combination Pizza, and I ordered that tonight. Elaine ordered the Brisketeer Mac, an overloaded mac n’ cheese with tons of cheddar cheese topped with succulent hickory wood-smoked brisket. She had them leave off the cilantro. I liked the pizza and Elaine’s dish as well. We also had a Schlotzsky’s sandwich at Marilyn’s birthday pool party on Sunday, and liked that one as well. Perhaps we will more likely go back in the future.

Irrigation work. Andy yard work. Dish upgrade. Card class.

I finally fixed the drip line today that was putting out too much water. This is the one in which I had soaker hose segments; I replaced them with drip emitters. Pete Petersen came over this morning and attached the compression fittings for the distribution line for the planter boxes, and I also tested out the new line for leaks. Next step: attaching the drip line systems.

Andy Goodhart from here in Royal Palm was here this morning to clean up the now-gone-by poppy plants and I had him also clean up the dead weeds in the back and side yard from where I had sprayed them. He is very popular in the Park for doing yard work of various types.

Elaine headed to The Paper Collage this morning to take a card class being offered there. She really likes this shop and their classes; too bad it is so far for her to drive out to Sun City West.

A few weeks ago the hard drive attached to our Dish receiver failed and I have been holding off replacing it while deciding which way to go. Our receiver has been the VIP211k, which was the only one that would work with RV systems at the time we got Dish service back around 2010. While it supported an external hard drive for DVR capabilities, we could only record one channel at a time and the TV had to be set to watch that channel during recording. This worked fine when recording something while we were not at home, but not if we wanted to watch one channel and record another. I had solved that problem when I switched to over-the-air broadcasts and used Tablo, but the complexity of that approach made me switch back to Dish and I moved the receiver from the motorhome to the house and we have used it there. Today I decided to upgrade to Dish’s Hopper/Sling system and added a Joey for the office TV. Now we can record two channels while watching yet another. And we can watch recorded content from the office as well. Plus there’s a whole bunch of other features, most of which we will not use.