Women’s Club. Flyers and tickets. More Violette Family work.

Women’s Club

Twice a month, the Women’s Club meets and today was the day. Elaine spent the latter half of the morning at the meeting; she is Vice President. The Women’s Club holds several events during the year and a most notable one is coming up next month. They honor the Paramedics that serve our community with a party at which they give them a check from the donations given by the Royal Palm community. One of their events – a penny and bake sale – had to be canceled in January because so many in our community were sick. Continue reading Women’s Club. Flyers and tickets. More Violette Family work.

Flyers and tickets.

One page of ten tickets for the Halloween Dinner

My projects for today included printing the tickets for the upcoming Halloween Dinner here in Royal Palm. I did it the easy way – I bought perforated Avery ticket stock (Avery # 16154) and used the Avery online design tool to customize the tickets. It was fairly easy to do. I had to employ some trial-and-error, especially with the ticket numbering function, but finally got it all the way I wanted. The ticket stock is perforated for ten tickets per page and each ticket has two parts – a ticket and a stub. I printed eight pages – 80 tickets – and they will go on sale starting tonight at Bingo. Continue reading Flyers and tickets.

Ladders. Tickets. Elaine class with Jan.

My tall stepladder now hangs on the side of the house and out of the way

Today I mounted one of the ladder brackets we bought at The Home Depot and hung my tall stepladder from it. I had been storing the ladder by leaning it against the front of the shed and on the patio, but now it hangs on the house wall just behind our bedroom window. It is out of the way but easy to get to. I also hung our short stepladder on the railing of our back porch, making it easy to get to from inside the house. Elaine uses that short one most often to reach the higher cabinets in the kitchen. Continue reading Ladders. Tickets. Elaine class with Jan.