More shopping LOL

Last week Elaine had placed an order with Bed, Bath & Beyond for an item to be delivered but realized when she got home she did not have a receipt for it and she did not get email confirmation. I checked our credit card account and saw the charges had been made so the transaction had happened. So today she wanted to go back to the store to be sure the details had been handled correctly. We stopped to chat with Pete Petersen and Bobby Fierro on our way out and asked Pete if he wanted to come. He said yes, if we were also going to Trader Joe’s, which is nearby. Sure, we told him. Continue reading More shopping LOL

Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Trader Joe's
A look inside Trader Joe’s

When Elaine returned from the Women’s Club meeting around 11:30 this morning she asked if I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with her (I did). We like Trader Joe’s for some shopping, though it is too far away for us to do our regular shopping there. They do carry a good selection of produce but we mostly buy packaged goods and not produce there. I am not sure about Elaine, but the produce doesn’t look as good as what we see at Fry’s. They have quite a selection of packaged meats and cheeses and a great selection of frozen items. The Trader Joe’s we go to is on N 20th St, just south of Camelback, and is the size of a neighborhood market. Very easy to get around in. Continue reading Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Smashburger. MT snow.

Motorhome for sale. Shopping trip. More dental work. Ghost pepper.

Our Phaeton 40QTH motorhome as shown at the Sun City RV web site

Our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is now listed at! You can view the listing, read the details, and see all the luscious photos by clicking on the link above. They did a great job of cleaning it up. It is so temptingly described and depicted I would be tempted to buy it! (Were we not SELLING it) Aside from several misspellings they did a good job in the description. I think they should have included a photo showing the slideout basement storage trays and others showing the inside of the basement compartment doors with the enhancements I made, and I will suggest those. Continue reading Motorhome for sale. Shopping trip. More dental work. Ghost pepper.

Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

As you may recall, once we switched to LED lights on the golf cart the signal lights no longer worked properly. They come on but do not flash; they stay solid. Steve Fritts told me to get “low pass flashers” – the kind that will work with LEDs instead of incandescent. Incandescent bulbs have a resistance that LEDs do not. I went to O’Reilly’s a few days ago and was given a flasher unit that, while it said on the package “for incandescent bulbs only”, the sales guy assured me from his computer screen they would work with LEDs. Believe the package, fellow! Continue reading Still no flasher. Consignment maybe. Halibut delicious.

An assault on batteries. BB&B, Trader Joe’s, Costco shopping.

Powerpack Pro
The Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 does a good job of jump starting a car or small truck.

It is a given that the Sonoran Desert heat is hard on vehicles – especially wiper blades and batteries, but also tires. We have to replace wiper blades a couple times a year, for example. I reported yesterday that the engine batteries in our motorhome had quit; this morning when I went to start the Equinox it, too, had a dead battery. I was able to use my Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300 to jump start the Equinox and I should have put it in the car after that. Continue reading An assault on batteries. BB&B, Trader Joe’s, Costco shopping.

Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

We had Breakfast in the Park this morning; 45 people attended, which was a good turnout for this time of year. It was the usual offerings – biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage and/or bacon, blueberry pancakes, hash browns, fruit, and juice. While I didn’t eat all of those things, my biscuit and gravy, eggs, and sausage were great. The best part is all the people we got to have breakfast with! Continue reading Breakfast in the Park. Video visit with Destry family.

Hard day shopping.

“My ass is dragging!” said Elaine as she headed out the door to play cards tonight. “That’s because you shopped so hard today,” I teased her. We had started with a trip to Trader Joe’s this morning; Pete Petersen came along as well. Then she wanted to stop at the Tuesday Morning store at 12th Street and Northern and then the 99¢ Store in the same complex. So we did them all. Or, I should say, she and Pete did them all. I waited in the car for the Tuesday Morning and 99¢ Store forays.

Back home about 11:30 it wasn’t long before lunch, and then about 1:15 we headed to The Home Depot. As I thought more about the layout of the window box liners I want to use in our planter boxes I realized that on the runs on each side of the house there was a distance of around 40″ or so and the spacing of the bracket supports left a foot or so between the front one and the house corner. The 32″ liners would leave a lot of empty space. I checked and The Home Depot now had 36″ Pennington liners in stock and I wanted to get a couple. They don’t make 40″ liners.

Thinking further about our front yard project we decided we want to also add about five posts along the sidewalk and the first part of the driveway edge and then run some rope or plastic chain in a couple of runs between posts. So while at The Home Depot we also looked at posts and found some 3×3-inch posts the size we want, but not 4×4. I will have to order those.

I stopped at the office here in the Park to ask about adding the posts and was given a form to fill out requesting approval for the changes. This is a new feature here at Royal Palm. I got that filled out and returned to the office.

We got a good swim session in this afternoon; great sunny and warm weather, though we did have some wind come up while we were in the pool.

And then it was time for Elaine to prepare supper. After we ate she looked like she was going to doze off in her recliner, but she got up around 5:40 since it was time to head for cards. That’s when she made the comment I started this off with!

Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.

Gizmo dry, Kerby wet
Kerby goes down the wet sidewalk while Gizmo stays on the dry pavement

Ever since we’ve had him (2006) Kerby has gone out of his way to avoid puddles. Gizmo, ever since we got him (2012) has never avoided them and seemed to enjoy paddling through them. Until this year, that is. Now their actions are reversed. Gizmo walks in the middle of the street on rainy days and Kerby paddles down the sidewalk and through any puddles there. Who knows how come! Continue reading Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.

Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

flooded street
This is at the lower end of D Street, looking north. The street is flooded from sidewalk to sidewalk.

Boy, it rained last night and today! Not constantly, but in bursts lasting 30 minutes or more. Channel 5 reported we had 1.18 inches of rain in our part of the Valley, and that’s a lot considering our average annual rainfall is 7-10 inches! I could hear it last night whenever I woke up and we had several bursts of rain this morning. We had some temporary flooding here in Royal Palm as it took some time for the runoff to reach the storm basins. Continue reading Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.

“…Expedia will be assigning me as your personal concierge for your trip to cobble (Cabo) as your local expert concierge. I can arrange a port transportation, set up dinner reservations or help set up any torture activities that may interest you…” That was a transcribed voice mail message I received today. What are we getting in for? Maybe we don’t want to go to Cabo San Lucas after all!?! Continue reading We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.