U. S. Egg. 112 today. Workshop parts boxes.

egg carton flag
Wall art at the U. S. Egg restaurant on W Bell Rd is a US flag made from colored egg cartons. Appropriate to eat here on this holiday weekend

We had breakfast this morning at the U.S. Egg restaurant at 2957 W Bell Rd here in Phoenix. I took us there mainly because I wanted their Protein Pancakes (Filled with Wild Maine Blueberries, homemade granola, cinnamon, and silvered almonds), but when I got there I realized it was appropriate for this Independence Day weekend because of their wall art. That flag, made from colored egg cartons, has always made me smile! There are several U.S. Egg restaurants around the Valley, but we have only eaten at this one and the one at 402 E. Greenway Parkway in Phoenix. Continue reading U. S. Egg. 112 today. Workshop parts boxes.

Scavenger Hunt. More landscape edger painting.

Leslie Nielsen announcing winners at the Scavenger Hunt

The Royal Palm Social Club had a Scavenger Hunt event tonight. There were 8-10 teams competing to collect 45 items on a list prepared by Leslie Nielsen, the event organizer. We could only collect from residents in the Park, could not get any items from our own houses, and had about 45 minutes to an hour before we had to turn our collections in. The most challenging item on the list for everyone except the winners was a Domino’s napkin, though a 1¢ stamp was very hard to find. We got most of our items at one residence; the lady there was excited to dig around her house to dig up things for Elaine. I think we stopped at about ten houses and were able to collect items at all but maybe one. Continue reading Scavenger Hunt. More landscape edger painting.

Social Club meeting. Karaoke. Breakfast.

Marv Fitchett runs the karaoke. Here he is hard at work at the controls.

Tonight was the second karaoke session of the month and the continuation of the Royal Palm Voice contest. Early in the year about ten or so contestants started out, with each singing a song in the competition. Each month one contestant was eliminated, and in this month three remain. Each time a tip jar was passed around for contributions, and the final winner will take home the pot. I have to say that the three contestants who sang tonight did an excellent job, and it has become increasingly difficult to choose among them. Continue reading Social Club meeting. Karaoke. Breakfast.

US Egg. FCOC dues. Royal Palm newsletter.

It has been a while  since we ate at a US Egg restaurant, so I thought it was time to go this morning. While there are several around us, I chose the one on Greenway Parkway and 7th Street – we’ve been to this one before. I had my favorite there – the Protein Waffle, with sausage. This is filled with Wild Maine Blueberries, granola, cinnamon, and slivered almonds. Elaine had the Italy Omelet; Italian sausage and freshly sliced mushrooms, topped off with  marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. He omelet was huge, and stuffed with great flavor. I brought half of my waffle home, and Elaine brought about two-thirds of her omelet home. Good yummies for another time! Continue reading US Egg. FCOC dues. Royal Palm newsletter.