Pharmacy shock. Newsletter printing. Elaine and Gladys shopping.

Pharmacy shock

I mentioned yesterday that I was prescribed an ointment to use on precancerous skin lesions – actinic keratosis – on my face. Tirsa, the NP who treated me and made the prescription said there were two versions. The more expensive takes three days, the less expensive seven days. She wasn’t sure if the insurance company would cover the first but would try it first. I learned today that the insurance company did, indeed, cover the three-day version and I picked it up at Walgreen’s this afternoon. It was when I read the details on the prescription label that the shock came: I paid $45 as my share for the prescription and the insurance company paid the other $1,157.09! Yes, $1,157.09! I hope it works! Continue reading Pharmacy shock. Newsletter printing. Elaine and Gladys shopping.

Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Brrrr: first day of winter

7day 171221
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix shows some quite cold morning temps the next day or so.

For once, the first day of winter here in Phoenix is the first winter day. It started with an overnight low of 41° – which is not unusual recently – but by noon it had only gotten up to 53° and did not get above 54°. With a 15 mph wind, it felt downright chilly outside, and the wind chimes on the patio were clinking! Bright sunshine, though. When I took the boys out for their morning walk around 7:30 the wind had not started up yet, so it was not too bad. As part of wintery conditions, Flagstaff AZ had its first snow of the season. All this is the result of a cold front moving into the area. Continue reading Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

ruellia blossom
The ruellia plant I had almost given up on produced a blossom today

I really like the Ruellia plant (Ruellia brittoniana, Mexican Petunia) because of its purple blossoms and because it is hardy and a perennial here in Phoenix. We first saw them in a neighbor’s (Chino Barrios) yard and he gave us some cuttings to plant. We started with two plants in our front yard and when one of them started growing too wild I cut it back. I put the cuttings in a water-filled vase inside and it continued to blossom for several weeks and still looked healthy when it stopped. Elaine transplanted those cuttings into the yard later.  Continue reading Yeah, Ruellia. More decorations. Newsletter printed. Elaine.

Newsletter panic. Golf cart decorating.

Nov 17 newsletter cover
Cover of the November 2017 The Palm Press. Click to download the newsletter

Our great volunteer crew gathered at the Clubhouse at 9:30 this morning to fold and stuff the newsletters. This month’s issue is 24 pages, and four of those are inserts. There is a back-to-back color insert and a back-to-back black-and-white insert. The inserts are necessary because the newsletter is printed in four-page folios; the outside front and back inside and outside pages are in color and the other pages are in black-and-white. If the other four pages were all black-and-white they could have been printed and bound with the rest, but since two pages are color ads they have to be separate. Continue reading Newsletter panic. Golf cart decorating.

Copic bin fix. Fall flags now. Newsletter printed.

Copic bin
Elaine’s bin for storing her Copic pens. I had to fix it today so the cover would snap in place.

I had added a false floor to the bin Elaine bought to store her Copic pens in, so the whole grillage could be lifted out if needed to access the bin bottom. But she told me a couple of days ago that she was having trouble latching the lid. Today I checked it out and realized that all I needed to do was change the nut and remove the washer that were at the bottom end of the four corner bolts holding the grillage and false bottom together. The original nuts were the self-locking type so were thicker. I swapped for regular ¼-inch nuts and left off the washers and now the cover can be latched in place fine using the blue handles at each end, as you can see in the photo. Continue reading Copic bin fix. Fall flags now. Newsletter printed.

Off to the printer. Dogs to grooming.

Finally, the newsletter went to the printer – UPS on E Dunlap Ave – this morning. I felt sorry for the manager, though, because he was alone in the shop today and my newsletter project was complex. In addition to the normal routine (inside and outside covers in color, all else inside in black and white), I also had a two sided insert (one side color, the other black and white), another two sided insert (both sides black and white), and a one sided insert in black and white. It started out OK, but then his main computer locked up and would not handle the project. He switched to his secondary computer and got one copy of everything printed OK. I left at that point. Continue reading Off to the printer. Dogs to grooming.

Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.

Gizmo dry, Kerby wet
Kerby goes down the wet sidewalk while Gizmo stays on the dry pavement

Ever since we’ve had him (2006) Kerby has gone out of his way to avoid puddles. Gizmo, ever since we got him (2012) has never avoided them and seemed to enjoy paddling through them. Until this year, that is. Now their actions are reversed. Gizmo walks in the middle of the street on rainy days and Kerby paddles down the sidewalk and through any puddles there. Who knows how come! Continue reading Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.

Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. Newsletter advertising. 2016 will be even longer.

Daughter Shauna sent me a bottle of Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce for Christmas, as I wrote a few days ago. We had some orange chicken the last two nights and I used the sauce for dipping on the side of my plate. Tonight Elaine cooked some shrimp and I used the hot sauce again as a dip. It was great! Yes, it is hot but the hot does not overpower the flavors. Great choice, Shauna! Thanks. Continue reading Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. Newsletter advertising. 2016 will be even longer.

Charles and Chris. Newsletter published.

Charles and Chris Yust
Charles and Chris Yust

What a great opportunity for a visit with Chris and Charles Yust. We met them several years ago at an RV rally in Indiana and ended up getting our RV and vehicle insurance with them. Chris is a specialist in insurance and gives seminars at RV rallies all over the country. They live fulltime in a motorhome and have for a number of years. As a result, they are very knowledgeable about RV matters as well as the specialized insurance needs of RVers, whether part time or fulltime. And Chris watches out for her customers; when she read last year that we were putting our motorhome in storage she immediately contacted me and asked if we wanted to put our insurance on storage basis. This saved us quite a bit of money. Continue reading Charles and Chris. Newsletter published.

Newsletter 1. Newsletter 2.

The cover of the October issue of The Palm Press

Whew! Glad to get the newsletter out! The volunteers gathered at 9:30 this morning in the clubhouse and by 10:00 all 320 newsletters had three flyers inserted, had a rubber bank wrapped around them, and were distributed into bags for the delivery volunteers – there are seven “routes”. They were augmented today with three ladies who will be involved with an upcoming health fair, which was the subject of one of the flyer inserts. This newsletter is larger than my previous two, at 20 pages. I think that is an optimum size since it seems to give me enough room to express what I want and to report on what is happening. We use the  UPS office near Central and Dunlap; the newsletter is printed with the covers, inside and out, in color and the rest in black-and-white. The 20-page version costs us less than 87¢ each. Continue reading Newsletter 1. Newsletter 2.