Crafting. Patio cleanup. More web work.

The group doing crafts this morning at the Clubhouse

Today was crafts day in Royal Palm, and this may be the last time this spring that there will be as many at these Tuesday sessions. The folks in the RV section are starting to head off to their summer homes or on their summer travels. But the remaining group will continue to meet on Tuesday mornings as always. Those who have left will be able to sort of stay in touch with the group through my blog posts as well as through the web site and the monthly newsletters.

We both did some work in cleaning up our deck and patio today. Elaine worked on the former, I worked on the latter. Both got cluttered over the last few weeks as items were gathered to put out for our yard sale, but now that those are gone it was time to put away or toss whatever was left. Part of my putting away included some leftover plastic pipe from our irrigation projects; I bundled the pieces together and put the bundle on the high rack where I also store leftover small size lumber pieces. They are easily available but out of the way.

Though I had vacuumed the dead leaves on the patio a week or so ago, there were still a few that I had missed because they were behind some items I did not move. Plus the deck had a layer of dust blown in by various storms over the late winter. So I got out the broom and swept all of the patio except where the car was parked; I will do that tomorrow or Thursday. Now at least the patio is clear and more organized. When I wash it down it will be really clean.

I am really pleased with my progress on the new Violette Family Association member profile database. Since the new web site is based on WordPress, the database is set in MySQL. My old database was in SQLServer and there is not a direct import function. I have been setting up the member profile data fields and input/edit forms and this has created the new MySQL database tables. I’ll be able to export the SQLServer data into a comma-separated-values Excel spreadsheet and then import that spreadsheet into the new MySQL database. But first I have to carefully rename and reorganize the data fields. The old ASP.NET and SQLServer system is quite generous in how field names are constructed, but in PHP and MySQL everything must be in lower case. But once I am through with my current tasks I will be able to quickly import all the old data into the new system and make it available to members and admins to work with at the new web site.

A quiet day earned. The Cracked Egg. Violette Family and genealogy.

As you have read, we had a very busy time over the last week and especially the last couple of days, so today we decided to not be as busy. And for the most part we accomplished that. We started with Saturday breakfast out at The Cracked Egg on Glendale Avenue. Yes, I know it is Sunday, but we did not get a chance to go out yesterday because we had to get ready for the yard sale. We’ve been to The Cracked Egg before and liked it. We ordered a skillet but probably won’t again. It was too large (we shared it and still only ate half) and was mostly potato. Continue reading A quiet day earned. The Cracked Egg. Violette Family and genealogy.

More allergies. Women’s Club elections. Working on new web features.

Still suffering from seasonal allergies today, but not as bad as yesterday. I took one loratadin early this morning, another in early afternoon, and another after supper. That has kept things in check, though I am still having trouble breathing and I tire very easily. This too shall pass!

Elaine went to the Women’s Club meeting this morning; it was the annual elections meeting. Chris Nugent is the new President, Valerie Grotefend the new Secretary. Elaine, Vice President, and Mary Espinoza, Treasurer, were not up for election. The terms of office are two years and they elect half the officers each year. Elayne Stettmeier is the outgoing President, Cheryl Ringer the outgoing Secretary. The women are busy getting ready for the Paramedics Raffle and Party coming this Friday.

After she came home from the meeting we headed out right away for grocery shopping at Fry’s. Then after lunch we headed to Walgreen’s to pick up some prescriptions and a couple of other items and then headed over to Jared’s in Paradise Valley Mall area to pick up some earrings Elaine had left for repairs. That got us back home around 2:45 and Elaine went to the pool. I was so tired by that time that I laid back in my recliner and slept for about an hour.

I have been working over the last three days studying how to incorporate member management into my web sites. The site as well as the site both need some aspects of member management, though the need for the Violette Family Association is much  greater and more complex.

The previous Violette Family site had a Member Profile page where members could log in and update aspects of their member info and had a similar function in the admin area. This was a robust system that I had written over the years and had used in several different sites. But when I moved from my SitePower system to WordPress this feature did not come right away. As evidenced by a woman who commented on one of my recent stories, there is a need for Violettes to join online as well as to maintain their info.

I have researched several plugins that provide member management functions for WordPress sites and found aspects of a couple that might do some of the job we need. But the needs of the Violette Family Association go beyond what all of them offer, so I will need to do some additional custom programming. My decision at this point is which will provide me the best base from which to start. I will also be able to use whichever system as a learning opportunity to see how various operations are carried out in WordPress systems.

For the Social Club, I just need a function to store info about members who have signed up to receive alert messages by email and/or text message and to then send the alerts when needed.

Newsletter work. Interview with a lovely woman. Costco shopping. No Reunion.

Much of my day was spent working on the upcoming Royal Palm newsletter. I have most of it done now; just waiting for news from the Social Club meeting tomorrow and any last-minute ads or items. This afternoon I interviewed Agnes Volk, who has been in Royal Palm since 1990. I always enjoy visiting with Agnes and miss seeing her at the pool. She’ll be back once it warms up again, she says. She is still very active for a 92-year-old! Continue reading Newsletter work. Interview with a lovely woman. Costco shopping. No Reunion.

Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

VFA web
New Violette Family Association web site

I did more work today on the new Violette Family Association web site, and it will probably go live tomorrow. I am pretty happy with the results so far, but still have some tweaking to do to get it the way I want it. This site has some features I have not used yet in my previous WordPress-based sites, so I have some learning to do on how to incorporate and manage those features. That is all part of the fun! Continue reading Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

An Uber experience. VFA newsletter going out.

At 9:30 this morning my smartphone alerted me to a dental appointment coming up at 10:00. Slight panic; both Elaine and I had forgotten that was coming up and she had a nail appointment at 9:30! She had the car. I quickly decided to take a taxi and thought of Uber. I had never used Uber, and wasn’t even sure how it worked. But I installed the Uber app on my phone, created an account, and made a request for a pickup in about 8 minutes. The request was made and I soon had a map on my phone showing who was coming, what car he was driving, and the map showed his progress to my location along with a countdown timer to his arrival. The address I was able to enter did not include our lot number, so he did not get right there. But he quickly called me and we met up. Continue reading An Uber experience. VFA newsletter going out.