Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

This was the morning the drip system for the pots out front was to run, and when I came back from walking the dogs my neighbor rushed over to tell me something was wrong. There was water all over the front sidewalk. He said he looked for a shutoff and not finding one was ready to knock on the door to let me know when he saw me walking up the street with the boys. Remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that the soaker line I put in the tray planter was putting out too much water? And remember I said I would fix it yesterday? Guess what I failed to do yesterday? Continue reading Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

Newsletter delay. Great party. Record temps again.

Two days ago (on Saturday) I reported that the April newsletter was almost done. I only had, I thought, one or two pages to complete with info and photos from the Friday and Saturday events. Well, little did I know! Since then I have received FOUR pages of additions plus several ads to prepare and insert. What was to be a 22-page newsletter will now be a 24-page newsletter with several inserts. This requires reformatting about one-third of the newsletter layout as well as working in the new content. And there are still three ads that are “maybe” coming. Continue reading Newsletter delay. Great party. Record temps again.

Even the poppies are on strike! Newsletter. Boxes.

closed poppies
The poppies won’t open if the sun does not shine as on this rainy day

We’re in the second day of gray skies and occasional showers or downright rainfall. It’s so bad that even the poppies don’t want to open their blossoms! They only open up when the sun shines. The photo at left is of the same area I showed in my story on February 16th when they were all open. But they should be open again tomorrow. Continue reading Even the poppies are on strike! Newsletter. Boxes.

Swimming today. Great weather.

Dave and Elaine in the pool today.

It was time to start swimming again! The pool here at Royal Palm is always heated and is at 85° year-round. But when the weather is cooler and especially when it is raining or the wind is blowing, getting in and out of the pool is less comfortable. The last time we were in this pool was in early November, but we’ll be there almost daily from now on. I was able to swim for about 15 minutes before getting tired and ready to quit; that will get longer as time goes on. Continue reading Swimming today. Great weather.

Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.

My Cajun Omelet

We took John back to his truck this morning so he could continue on his routes. Since he did not need to be there to pick up his load until around 11:00 we stopped for breakfast at Kiss the Cook in Glendale along the way. We eat there on occasion, but have not been there for some time. It was good to be back. I had the New Orleans Cajun Omelet, and great spicy dish that I could not finish. Elaine had Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, and John had the Country Breakfast. The restaurant looks like a antique shop inside with all the items on display; there is always something to catch  the eye and capture your interest as you wait for your meal to be delivered. Continue reading Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.