Elaine computer ready.

new computer
Elaine’s new computer is now on her own desk, ready to use

I spent much of the day getting Elaine’s computer ready for her and by mid-afternoon I had it on her desk and turned over to her. She says she likes it! I have to say that I like it as well. I had to get used to the large screen (23.8″) compared with my 11″ tablet and my 17″ laptop, though I do have a second 22″ monitor I use with the laptop to give me some extra screen space. The Lenovo set up easily and quickly with the latest Windows 10 setup process. Continue reading Elaine computer ready.

Surface Pro 4

Pro 2 vs Pro 4
The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (l) and the new Pro 4 (r), showing how much larger is the Pro 4

My new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet came in today, and I spent some of the afternoon getting it set up. This Windows 10 tablet will replace the Surface Pro 2 tablet I have been using for more than four years; I have been having lots of battery problems with the Pro 2. I’ve often had to recharge it 2-3 times per day, leading me to believe that the battery is failing. I considered several other Windows tablets but concluded that I would be best off with the Surface Pro 4. Continue reading Surface Pro 4