Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

motorhome at Sun City RV
Our Phaeton motorhome at Sun City RV for sale

I got a call a few days ago from Sun City RV, where our 2012 Phaeton 40QTH motorhome is on consignment sale. While it has not yet sold, they reported a lot of interest in it. As of that date there had been over 240 online clicks on the listing, and over 200 of them were unique (meaning a first-time visit). There had been at least one party that had done a lot of follow-through but did not make an offer to purchase. We are hoping that with the return of many snowbirds to the Valley, interest will pick up even more and that our dear motorhome will be sold. Continue reading Motorhome sale update. Yard sale cleanup. Elaine somewhat better. Newsletter.

$91 plus. Elaine up and down.

We finished our yard sale a little early today – just after noon. I had 12-15 people stop by our sale and about half of them bought something. A couple were repeat customers from yesterday. All told, I finished the sale event with over $91 in proceeds, so it was a good sale. I estimate that about 2/3 of our stuff got sold. Some of the leftovers I will pitch, others I will store in a couple of tubs for the yard sale coming in March. However, there are four large-ticket items that I will advertise on Craigslist or similar. That will include the Iris Home Automation kit, the 36-volt golf cart battery saver, the Schlage deadbolt kit, and the tow bar to use with motorhomes. Continue reading $91 plus. Elaine up and down.

$73 plus. Elaine still down.

This was the first “official” day of my yard sale; tomorrow is the official Park-wide yard sale day for the Royal Palm Social Club. Our sale consists mostly of items cleared from our motorhome before putting it on the market, so a few days ago I let word be known to some in the RV community here in Royal Palm. As a result, I had customers coming by over the last few days – even ahead of my advertised start today. I had 6-8 customers prior to today, and 8-10 today. So far I have taken in $73 and change. Continue reading $73 plus. Elaine still down.

More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

I spent some time this morning getting out some more items for our yard sale tables. These latest ones included the Iris home automation kit I bought but never used, a Schlage remote operation deadlock I tried but did not use, and a 36-volt battery saver unit for golf carts. I bought the latter when we still had a 36-volt golf cart but we soon after bought a 48-volt golf cart so did not need it. Those three items are being offered at great discounts from their price new. I had two customers today and brought in another $4. Continue reading More yard sale stuff. Newsletter work. Gizmo eye drops.

Taco Tuesday at Beaver Bar. Craft Tuesday. Shopping. More yard sale items.

at Beaver Bar
A gang of 18 from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight

There were eighteen of us from Royal Palm at The Beaver Bar tonight! This is the third Tuesday in a row that a group of us have gone, and the group has gotten larger each week. The Beaver Bar is not normally staffed to handle such a crowd so this week someone called in advance to let Mike Beaver know about how many were coming, and they had our tables all rearranged for us when we got there. And Mike had made sure he had enough staff to handle the load. Other than our group, there were only about 6-8 people there tonight. Part of the draw is their 99¢ Taco Tuesdays. Continue reading Taco Tuesday at Beaver Bar. Craft Tuesday. Shopping. More yard sale items.

A good day’s work. Prepping for yard sales. Housecleaning. Pool cool.

Shelves in use
The shelves are completed in our shed addition and are being put into use.

Elaine and I put in a hard day’s work this morning and while being tired from it we are also satisfied that we accomplished a lot. I started by finishing the shelves in the shed addition, then set up our two folding tables beside the house on the patio. Then, one by one, I brought out the dozen or so plastic tubs we have been storing in the shed and we went through them. Sell, pitch, or keep were the choices. We were merciless about it and did not vacillate about any items. We wanted to be done with all that “STUFF” that was hanging around! Continue reading A good day’s work. Prepping for yard sales. Housecleaning. Pool cool.

Yard sale. Tired.

A lizard stopped by our yard sale for a half hour or so,but did not buy anything.

Day two was not as successful in sales, but was still fun. Of course the fact that we sold so much of our stock yesterday may have made a difference since there was less to buy, but there were only about one-third of the number of people attending today. Our total take for the two days was around $270, which is pretty good. From what little I heard, many others in the Park did well also. We had our stuff out by 8:00 this morning and shut down just after noon.

I spend the morning at our sale, but Elaine spent most of the morning gallivanting around the Park. She was having a ball! I saw her several times during the morning and each time there were different people with her on the golf cart. I think she used the golf cart to take friends around to visit all the yard sales in the Park. At one time she had five people on the golf cart, she said!

It was also a good time for visiting at our place, with friends stopping by to say hi. I tried to keep Gizmo and Kerby on the porch with the gate closed, but each time a friend came by they made a ruckus and wanted to come greet them. So I gave up and just let them out if they wanted. Kerby stayed in the house for the most part when it started heating up, but Gizmo hung with me down on the patio. They were both great with both friends and strangers who came to our sale.

popcorn machine
Our popcorn machine and its product was very popular at the yard sale event.

I continued to make and sell popcorn today, and it continued to be in demand. All told for the two days I sold about 65 bags of popcorn at 25¢ each! While most only bought one, some bought two or three or, in one case, six bags.

There’s no question that the bright red popcorn machine sitting by our sidewalk attracted people. And we had put out a sign down at the intersection of F and D Streets, a major intersection in the Park, advertising the popcorn. A lot of people got the word this way.

All popcorn sales proceeds go to the Social Club, since the Club had paid for the popcorn supplies. We had bought the supplies a while back for when we took the machine to the Clubhouse for events. But now we have decided to donate the popcorn machine to the Social Club so they can have it at the Clubhouse. It will get much more use there than at our place, and it is too hard to wheel back and forth.

We packed up whatever we had leftover from our yard sale, except for the sewing machine and the Cricut machine, and took it all to the St Vincent de Paul thrift store on 7th Street and donated it there. We did not want to keep it here.

Though I had fun with the yard sale event, I also got tired. As soon as we got back from St Vincent de Paul, around 1:30, I laid back in my recliner and dropped off quite soon after. The next thing I knew Elaine was asking me if I wanted to go swimming. It was 2:50. Elaine was tired, too, but she could not drop off I guess.

Yard sale. Carrabba’s.

These are all the leftovers we brought home from Carrabba’s tonight.

“I feel like Italian tonight”. That was my answer to Elaine’s question about where I was taking her to supper tonight. The next question was “where”. Olive Garden is, of course, available. But I wanted to try something different so I remembered Carrabba’s; we have not been to that restaurant for a long time. We were in the pool at the time, and the discussion included others. Pete Petersen had never been to Carrabba’s, so that was our choice. And we invited him to come as well; others declined. We had a great meal and ordered two appetizers as well as our main course, so we had lots of leftovers to bring home (see the photo). Continue reading Yard sale. Carrabba’s.

Banners hung, signs out. Frantic yard sale prep.

The yard sale banners are now on the front fence of the Park, readily visible from Dunlap Ave

We started the morning with Elaine painting some posters, one with “FRI SAT“, the other with “8-?“, which we attached to the ends of the YARD SALE banner we picked up yesterday. And we went out front and fastened both that banner and the SPECIAL EVENT banner to the front fence. This will let passersby know about the event that starts tomorrow. Then Elaine also painted two large sheets of butcher paper, one with YARD, the other with SALE, and we attached them to two large A-frame panels that Dale and Betty Stroh recently built and George Immerso painted white. We attached the paper signs to the boards and took them out front as well. Continue reading Banners hung, signs out. Frantic yard sale prep.

Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

This was the morning the drip system for the pots out front was to run, and when I came back from walking the dogs my neighbor rushed over to tell me something was wrong. There was water all over the front sidewalk. He said he looked for a shutoff and not finding one was ready to knock on the door to let me know when he saw me walking up the street with the boys. Remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that the soaker line I put in the tray planter was putting out too much water? And remember I said I would fix it yesterday? Guess what I failed to do yesterday? Continue reading Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.